Create a facebook profile banner

There are several ways you can create a facebook profile banner. There are plugins and tutorials that can help you on the way, as well as examples and pictures of ready made Facebook banners.

What is a Facebook banner?

Check this picture:

Facebook profile banner example

Facebook profile banner example

The five small pictures on top of every new Facebook profile is unofficially  called  the Facebook profile banner. By default it shows the five latest pictures you have been tagged in. As you probably have figured out, you can use this in a very creative way! Let’s break apart the different ways you can create a facebook profile banner:

Three ways to create a facebook profile banner:

  1. Manually: Make a wide picture that you want to use as a banner, then take a screenshot of your facebook profile and open it in photoshop or in some other picture editor. Put your wide picture on top of the facebook profile screenshot and resize it so that it is as big as the five small pictures. Cut the wide picture into five small, upload them to facebook in reverse order (the one most to the right first), and tag yourself in every picture. This is the way you have do if you want to make the banner for a facebook fan page.
  2. With an app: There are several apps that helps you with doing the things described above. Some good ones: The profile banner creator,, Profile banner, I prefer the first one. They work as following: You allow the app to publish on your wall, you upload a picture to the app, you chose which part of the picture you want to use (in the same way you do when uploading a profile pic), you click ok, or “create”. Then the app makes the banner for you, makes an album in your profile, tags you in every picture, and the banner is ready. Simple, cleaver, easy and awesome!
  3. Combine manual and app: This is where you can start to make awesomeness! For example, in the picture above, you can make the “banner” with an app, but you may have to make the profile pic yourself, and fit it and upload it manually. Another great example where manual and apps are combined is this one: Make a facebook profile banner (On

Examples of well created facebook banners:

The “Locked in to facebook”, or “Social media prison” by Jonathan Björkskog:

create a facebook profile banner

locked in to facebook (Described on

Examples on 10 creative ways of making facebook banners.

Do you like the banners? Or can you make better ones? Feel free to post in the comment field!

Do you like Facebook fan pages? Then check the FbMaxed review! FB maxed is a product that makes facebook pages for you, in the new Iframe style. Very handy.

Thanks for reading about ways to create a facebook profile banner.

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       Hi! Use the  The profile banner creator, app, but download the images and upload them manually in reverse order to your facebook page! The profile banner creator, app, but download the images and upload them manually in reverse order to your facebook page!

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